Lo Llac de Bàratxe
(Il Lago di Baraz)
The Sardinian Legend of the Lake of Baraz

The Lake of Baraz

Near to the town of Alghero, in Sardinia, there is a big, natural lake called Baraz. 

But this is no ordinary lake!  There is something very mysterious about it!   This lake is many miles away from the coast and yet somehow it is full of sea water! 

So, are you wondering how the sea water reached this place?
Well, here is the story........

A long time ago, there was a town called Baraz.  One day, God visited the town.  He was disguised as a beggar.  He wanted to see for Himself if the people of Baraz were as unfriendly, greedy and selfish as He had been told.

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When the people saw the beggar, they ignored Him.  They refused to share their food or to help in any way.

There was only one lady who was kind.  She was a poor widow with lots of children.   Even though there wasn't enough food to feed her family, she invited the beggar into her house and gave Him some of the bread that she had just prepared.

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The beggar saw that the woman was the only kind person in the town.  He decided that the people of Baraz should be punished but that this lady should be saved.  So, He said to her, 'You must take your children and run away from here.  Make sure that you do not turn around to look at the town.  As you run, keep looking in front of you.'

So, the lady ran away from the town, taking her children and a basket of the freshly baked bread. 
As they ran away, an enormous wave came from the sea and flooded the town, turning it into a lake!

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The lady could hear the noise and it made her so curious that she turned around to take a look. 

The beggar had warned her not to do this and she should have listened because, at the moment that she saw the sea covering the town, she was turned into stone!

When you visit the lake, nearby you can actually see a rock in the shape of a lady, carrying a child and a basket.

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And that is the story of why the lake is full of sea water!

La Fine

(The End)